Why Robbie?

The hardest decision to make when you’re selling your property should be whether or not to put it on the market - not choosing an agent.

There’s always been an enticement to employ an agent who provides your property with the highest appraisal price, along with the cheapest commission. This is a common occurrence in the industry and can confuse the consumer market.

If ‘being the cheapest’ is the only competitive advantage an agent can bring to the table, this isn’t the person you want negotiating the sale of your valuable asset, is it? If your agent is unable to negotiate their own fees or provide you with industry knowledge and feedback regarding your properties appraisal, chances are they won’t be able to do this with your prospective purchasers either.

What I have always told my client’s is - the cheapest agent isn’t the one who has the lowest fee, but the one who puts the most money in your pocket at settlement.





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